Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRAB?
CRAB is a platform for gathering and displaying the water temperatures from IoT devices around the world. It will also take the air temperature optionally.
What is an IoT device?
IoT, short for "Internet of Things", is often small computer devices or any device with a microcontroller which does "things" like measuring temperatures and more. Often this is done by RaspberryPi, Arduino and other similar products.
Who can contribute with temperature data?
Anybody with some knowledge of IoT computing can, just sign up and get API key(s). Check the API section for more information.
Is CRAB an abbreviation?
Yes, besides its cool logical name for this service, it stands for "Climate Report At Beach"


What information do you gather from me?
Less possible. Check our terms and condition and our policies. We like privacy and respect that, however we do use code from Google and Facebook to be able to serve this webpage. And we have no control over what they collect.
How are the password stored?
The passwords get encrypted before they are stored in our database. We also provide with automatic generated passwords we have no control over.

Supported Browsers

Which browsers are supported?
We support Firefox and other WebKit-based browsers like: Chrome/Chromium, Vivaldi, Brave, Safari, Edge and more. Stay up to date for the best experience! We do not support Internet Explorer.
Why are some browsers not supported?
To limit the resources to build this site and service, we need to focus on the new technology. Mainly we require browsers to support vector graphics, which Internet Explorer (and other older browsers) does not.


Where can I get information about the API so I can contribute?
For API specifications and scripts, visit developer.crab.today

Webcam / image

Webcam / image upload
Currently this function is disabled. It will however upload image data to our server, but it won't be processed right yet. We currently have no ETA for when it will be launched, if ever.